AKC Liquid Organic Fertilizer

  1. AKC Liquid Organic Fertilizer in Turkey

PROPERTIES The basic of the use of the organic fertilizers is to settle the fertilizer directly to the soil before the plant is met with the soil, so the plant can slowly benefit from the fertilizer during the growth and product. However, since the plants will need more nutrition for more products, the solid fertilizers are insufficient. Thus, it is necessary to use the liquid fertilizers. total Organic Substances % 35 Organic Carbon % 14 Total Azoth % 4 Water soluble (K2O) % 3 Total (P2O5) % 1 pH 4-6

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  • Authorized Person: Aydin Özdemir
  • Product Code: OrganicFertilizer-002

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AKC Liquid Organic Fertilizer in Turkey

AKC Liquid Organic Fertilizer

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