Ecofarm Organic Fertilizer

  1. Ecofarm Organic Fertilizer in Turkey

PROPERTIES There are shortages for the plant nutrition In the soil having low amount of the organic substance and the cation capacity. There is low chance for trees to take the micro and macro nutrition elements in the soil with high pH. There may be saltiness and sodium intoxication. Some problems can be seen to take nutrition elements where the magnesium comes first. The chemical fertilizers affect the quality of the soil negatively and the wrong applications caused the imbalance among the nutrition which prevents each other from intake. Garanti Edilen İçerik (w/w): Toplam Organik Madde% 45 Toplam Azot% 1 Organic Azoth% 0,5 Suda çözünür K2O % 1 Toplam (Humik+Fulvik) Asit% 20 C/N 12 EC (ds/m) 10-11 pH 6-8 Maksimum Nem % 20

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  • Authorized Person: Aydin Özdemir
  • Product Code: OrganicFertilizer-003

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Ecofarm Organic Fertilizer in Turkey

Ecofarm Organic Fertilizer

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