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Effective Power! High Quality Foliar Fertilizer Agroleaf is designed for two purposes. First Agroleaf accelerates the transition between crop stages (rooting, growth, flowering, ripening) to improve the final "build up" of yield. Second, Agroleaf quickly corrects nutritional deficiencies for healthier plants that yield more. With Agroleaf, you are in control of your crop from start to finish and every stage in between. What makes Agroleaf unique? Agroleaf is different from most foliar products because of its speed purity and exclusive M-77 technology. After only 2 days, users often see deeper color, healthier appearance, and even more growth of their crop. The purity of Agroleaf is proven by the high nutrient content of Agroleaf and only pure ingredients allow Scotts to squeeze complete nutrition into every kilo. Also, Agroleaf is the only foliar feed with M-77; an enhancement package exclusively from Everris RD that switches on the nutrient power. What products are available with Agroleaf? There are three Agroleaf product recommended for specific stages of crop development and one all-purpose product. The table below highlights the product and recommended uses. Specific information is available from your dealer or Everris. The Agroleaf Range Product Name Analysis Function and use recommendation Agroleaf High P 12+52+5+Micros Stimulate tissues for rooting and bud initiation Agroleaf High N 31+11+11+ Micros Boost the productivity of green tissues Agroleaf High K 15+10+31+Micros Accelerate ripening and develop color Agroleaf Total 20+20+20+Micros For general use to improve nutritional status Agroleaf Power Calcium 11-05-19+9CaO+TE For fruits and vegetables which is stored longer When Should I use Agroleaf? There are four common situations where Agroleaf can show large benefits. 1) To stimulate each crop stage Crop Yield is the sum of each development stage. Therefore, maximizing the productivity of each stage gives maximum final yield 2) To correct nutrient imbalances Imbalances in the crop nutrient status are caused by factors that are difficult to manage. For example, soils can have incorrect pH levels, cold temperatures can limit nutrient uptake, antagonism between cations (K, Ca, Mg, NH4) can occur, and even excessively wet or dry soils are problematic. A fast and efficient way to correct deficiencies is to use Agroleaf as a foliar application. 3) To relieve stress and boost productivity Crop stress robs the productivity of plants. Stress comes in many forms such as irregular weather, heavy fruit production and even herbicide applications or crop maintenance (pruning etc.). In each situation, Agroleaf gives the crop a “kick” to help beat the stress and resume productive and healthy growth. 4) To correct “Silent Deficiencies” “Silent deficiency” is a term that describes a common condition where there is a deficiency, but the crop does not show symptoms. In this condition – where the deficiency is undetectable – an application of Agroleaf is a quick and simple method to reveal and correct silent deficiencies. Is Agroleaf easy to use? Agroleaf is very flexible for use in many application systems. For machine applications, a general recommendation is 3-5 kg/ha of Agroleaf in 200-800 l/ha water. For backpack sprayers, it is recommended to mix a 0.5% to 1.0% solution in water (e.g. 5 g – 10 g/liter of water) and lightly wet the leaves. In either case, a surfactant is recommended. Experience over many years and thousands of hectares ha proven that Agroleaf is compatible in a tank mix with common pesticides. However, we do not recommend Agroleaf with copper based fungicides. To be certain of chemical and biological compatibility, make a small test first. What is M-77 and how does it work? Scotts’ internal research department is constantly seeking ways to improve nutrient and plant performance. High-quality base materials are the starting point, but M-77 takes nutrition a step further. M-77 is a exclusive package of compounds that have defined purposes. The M-77 formula contains: Compounds to extend the effective range of chelates Vitamins to improve soil biological activity Functional elements to improve the utilization of nutrients Finally stress-reducing compounds to maintain consistent plant productivity

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Argoleaf Power in Turkey

Argoleaf Power

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