1. Nutrimin in Turkey

Field crops (wheat, barley, corn etc) 50-100 gr/dek when plants are about 20-25 cm high. Repeat 2-3 weeks later. Cotton 50 gr/dek when plants are 20-25 cm high. Repeat between flowering and squaring stage at 150 gr/dek. Sugar Beet 100 gr/dek when plants are at the 8-leaf stage. Repeat 4-5 weeks later at 100-150 gr/dek Potato 800 gr/dek when plants are 20-25 cm high or within one week after ridging. Repeat 3 weeks later at 120 gr/dek. Greenhouse vegetables Start the first application shortly before the first flowering and repeat every 1-2 weeks until the end of the season. The recommended rate per application is 400-600 gr per 100 liter of water if high volume spray is used. If knapsack sprayer is used, the rate per application should be 800-120 gr per 100 liter of water. Watermelon & Melon 1) Immediately after uncovering (4-5 leaf stage) at 200 gr/dek 2) 10 days later at 200 gr/dek. 3) 800 gr/dek when first flowers appear. 4) 800 rg/dek 2-3 weeks after the 3rd application. Strawberry 1) Two applications through the irrigation system when plants are still under cover at the rate of 800-120 gr/dek/application. 2) After uncovering the plants by repeated foliar applications until the end of the season at the rate of 400-600 gr per 100 liter of water per application combined with the usual pesticide program. Citrus Three applications per season. 1) At 200 gr/dek early in the spring before flowering. 2) At 1 kg/ha shortly prior to the June dropping combined with pesticides. 3) At 100 gr/dek 4-6 weeks later combined with pesticides. Apples 600-800 gr/dek prior to or immediately after fruit setting. Repeat during the season at 0.4 kg/ha in combination with the pesticide program. Apricots, Peaches, Pears 600-800 gr/dek prior to or immediately after fruit setting. Repeat the same rate immediately after harvest when the leaves are still active. Vine Three applications per season. 1) At a dose of 40 gr/100 lt water during developmental stage. 2) 1-2 weeks before flowering at the same dosage of 40 gr/100 lt water. 3) Final application at the same dosage right before fruiting. Mix with insecticides and fungicides if necessary.

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Nutrimin in Turkey


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