1. ARG PLATFORM P500X in Turkey
  2. ARG PLATFORM P500X in Turkey
  3. ARG PLATFORM P500X in Turkey
  4. ARG PLATFORM P500X in Turkey
  5. ARG PLATFORM P500X in Turkey

Arg Octopus Platform Machine may be considered as a self-propelled harvesting platform or harvesting machine assembly. It may be used for pruning trees or picking fruit in the orchards or reaching high spots inside the greenhouses. It is a multifunctional machine to reach the hard to reach points easily and to perform back and forth, right-left or up and down movements at such points. It provides up to 8 hours of operation with a single charge. The machine is powered by 220 Volt electrical energy. Electric energy is reduced from 220V alternating current to 12V direct current. It takes about 5 hours for the machine to reach full charge. The movement speed of the machine may reach up to 10 km/h. With the multi-functional joystick positioned in the system, the operator can move the machine to any desired point

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  • Authorized Person: Osman Argün
  • Product Code: P500X

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ARG PLATFORM P500X in Turkey


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