Parallel Rapid Exit Parlours

  1. Parallel Rapid Exit Parlours in Turkey
  2. Parallel Rapid Exit Parlours in Turkey
  3. Parallel Rapid Exit Parlours in Turkey
  4. Parallel Rapid Exit Parlours in Turkey
  5. Parallel Rapid Exit Parlours in Turkey

Advantages: • Ensures milking more cows in a shorter milking time • Stress-free animal positioning, quick exit provides maximum milking performance • Better udder presentation and easier animal handling for operators with its 90° rational layout • Animal traffic management and control with automatic entrance/exit gates Features: • Robust design • Against corrusion whole structure in hot dip galvanized • 304 AISI Standard (Inside-outside polished milk pipes) • PVC vacuum line, Vacuum pump, regulator, tank • All milking equipments are produced in high quality standards. • For animal safety and comfort: milking stalls made with 90° and without sharp corners • Easy and fast installation and maintanence: Unwelded and no-clamp montage • Pneumatically operated entrance/exit gates Optional Features: • Washing: Automatic SEZER De Luxe • Milk Meter: Electronic Milk Meter • S/S Cabinets to house electronic components

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  • Authorized Person: Siraç Sezer
  • Product Code: ParallelRapidExitParlours-001

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Parallel Rapid Exit Parlours in Turkey

Parallel Rapid Exit Parlours

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