Peanut Harvester Machine

  1. Peanut Harvester Machine in Turkey
  2. Peanut Harvester Machine in Turkey
  3. Peanut Harvester Machine in Turkey
  4. Peanut Harvester Machine in Turkey
  5. Peanut Harvester Machine in Turkey

* Peanuts, which are dismantled by hand or machine, are collected on a certain row on the surface of the field and dried for a while and then harvested with a harvesting machine. * Thanks to the springy bats inside the machine, the peanut is separated from the handle and the soil. * It harvests 3 or 4 rows of peanuts that have a planting interval of 70-80 cm and form a row. * Depending on whether the product is wet or dry, the front receiver speed can be adjusted. * Thanks to its spring system, it is separated from the stem by the soil without damaging the product. * Thanks to the sieves on the machine, clean harvest is done. * Thanks to the bellows fan on the machine, product, dust, handle, garbage etc. Cleared. * The handle, cut, etc. separated from the product. it is thrown back to the field surface. * The fan that comes in front of the snail fan via the tape is evacuated to the tank by the snail fan. * The product accumulated in the warehouse can be easily trailed, thanks to the hydraulic warehouse. It can be discharged. * Thanks to the settings on the machine, the desired settings can be made easily according to the structure of the product and the field.

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Peanut Harvester Machine in Turkey

Peanut Harvester Machine

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