Stationary Thresherry

  1. Stationary Thresherry in Turkey

Single machine for threshing of all products... Mono Makine Stationary Thresher is a threshing machinery used in seed production and development. The machine is used for threshing the plants previously harvested. Mono Makine Stationary Thresher is used in threshing of various products by arranging in various varieties with side equipment given as standard or optionally. Machine can be manufactured according to customer requests as to be driven by power take-off, diesel engine or electric engine. Mono Makine Plot Threshing Machinery is designed by taking all criteria required to be observed in seed production into consideration. Type mixture in seed variety changes is prevented, threshing period is shortened by lowering the transition times into the shortest possible.

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  • Authorized Person: Tamer Yilmaz
  • Product Code: PH-500

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Stationary Thresherry in Turkey

Stationary Thresherry

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