Pinadisc Shift

  1. Pinadisc Shift in Turkey

HMS PNEUMATIC PRECISION SOWING MACHINES WITH DISC allow seed to be sowed precisely in the desired sowing range and intra-row distance. It is manufactured with 4-6-8 rows optionally. Seed bed is opened with the help of discs in sowing units. Each sowing unit consists of 2 discs made of special material. It can operate in fields with processed or semi-processed stem remains thanks to cutter discs that can be attached to front side of chassis and disc type sowing units. Because movement obtained from wheel is transmitted to sowing units by shaft mechanism, precision sowing can be performed in intra-row distances. Due to rubber wheels located on both sides of the Sowing Units, precise Depth adjustment can be made in all kinds of soil conditions. V which is located at the rear of seed unit can be tightened by means of pressure wheels. Pressure applied by rear pressure wheel and angle can be adjusted by means of spring. V pressure wheels prevent formation of duff layer on the soil. Disc type sowing units allow sowing in early temper. Pneumatic sowing machines with disc legs are suitable for sowing ridges. They do not ruin ridges. Because seed bed is opened by turning discs, it does not harden. It is suitable for plant development and does not put much load on tractor. Units can be switched to road and operating status at any time easily. Different accessories can be mounted optionally. It is a sowing machine that saves time and provides high efficiency with high operating speed and excellent performance. HMS Disc Type Full Telecopic Adjustable Chassis Precision Planter 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70.

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Pinadisc Shift in Turkey

Pinadisc Shift

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