Round Drip Irragation Pipes

  1. Round Drip Irragation Pipes in Turkey

ROUND DRIP IRRIGATION PIPES The water required for plant development is transported with a specific pipe system and given to the root area of ​​the plant with drippers. The aim is to get more efficiency in the unit area with a small amount of water. The entire surface of the soil is not wetted, so only a few areas around the dripper are wetted. However, this situation leads to a misconception that some of our farmers cannot get enough water and cause our farmers to give water for a long time until the small areas wetted by drip irrigation cover each other. In fact, when a small area is wetted on the soil surface by drip irrigation, the area wetted in the soil expands to the sides and a wider area in the soil gets wet and these areas overlap, and the plant roots receive enough water. Water that is over-supplied or spilled for hours is not a cure. Excessive rainfall, winter rainfall in areas where the fertilizers given to the soil are washed into the ground water. In the same way, irrigation irrigation and watering with the irrigation irrigation in the lower layers of the water is washed with infiltration fertilizers into the ground water. If the soil has a heavy structure, it can also cause drainage. The only way to do this is by drip irrigation.  Advantages of Drip Irrigation • Water yield • Quality product • Product increase • Weed control • Can be used in windy weather • Preventing plant diseases and pests • Saving Labor Time and Workforce • Usability in Salt Soils • Not Stressing the Plant • Can be used on slopes

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Round Drip Irragation Pipes in Turkey

Round Drip Irragation Pipes

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