Plot Seeder

  1. Plot Seeder in Turkey
  2. Plot Seeder in Turkey
  3. Plot Seeder in Turkey
  4. Plot Seeder in Turkey

PLOT SEEDER Complete solutions with modular structure in trial plot planting... Mono Makine Grain Planting Drill is a planting drill used in seed production and development. The machine is used for planting trial plots in previously prepared fields. Planting length is adjusted between 2 - 14 meters as standard, in 30 stages. The Machine is manufactured fully automatic as an option. Electronic system minimizes operator errors by self-planting in adjusted trial pattern. Mono Makine Grain Planting Drill is manufactured modularly. Wheel base can be adjusted according to the field. Also, by changing the planting system, the machine can be adjusted to different products and different planting patterns. For example, grain planting assembly can plant intrarow adjustment seed such as corn, soy, peanuts by changing with intrarow adjustment mechanism. Also, Mono Makine can make custom manufacturing according to customer requirements.

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  • Authorized Person: Tamer Yilmaz
  • Product Code: PlotSeeder-001

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Plot Seeder in Turkey

Plot Seeder

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