Pms Model- Horizantal Cooling Tank

  1. Pms Model- Horizantal Cooling Tank in Turkey

Capacity: from 2000 lt to 6000 lt Horizontal full cylindrical types construction 1. wall body AISI 304 stainless steel Isolated body AISI 430 stainless steel 55mm Polyurethane insulation Product outlet with butterfly valve DN 50 Ø 400 mm manhole cover Laser seam welded coolant evaporator surface Ø 100 mm product inlet cover Cooling unit and tank body mounted on solid chassis Design to keep 0 liquid inside during discharge Adjustable polyemit feet Cooling Group Min. Fast and frost-free cooling according to the amount of milk Hermatic compressor Min.Gas charge R22 and A404 gas cooled (R404A or R22 cooling accent on all models) Under 3 hours cooling performance from 35 ° C to 4 ° C (included in the 2B-2 cooling performance group) Direct cooling system Certificate of conformity to TSE 13732 standard T. C. Uludağ University EXPERIMENT COMPLIANCE REPORT Designs suitable for 2 and 4 milking systems Electric Group Electrical panels with thermostat with IP 65 protection class Working with 380 volt energy Digital thermometer temperature display (Milk temperature display) Ergonomic control panel Automatic mixing program Min. Electricity consumption Manual Washing System 360 ° rotating CIP ball Recirculating washing system with pump Options Calibrated milk measurement ruler Phase protection relay (Against voltage drop)

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  • Authorized Person: Firat Tuncay
  • Product Code: CSTY01

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Pms Model- Horizantal Cooling Tank in Turkey

Pms Model- Horizantal Cooling Tank

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