Pneumatic Seed Drills

  1. Pneumatic Seed Drills in Turkey

Pneumatic seeder is a machine that allows row spacing and over row sowing of all kinds of seeds (beet, corn, sunflower, cotton, onion, sweet melon, watermelon, groundnut etc) which need to be sowed over row, with the desired quantity sensitively. Since the seeder units are disc type, planting can be performed easily on stubbly fields. Pneumatic seeders with disc can also be operated on fully or semi cultivated fields. Pneumatic seeder is produced as 4, 5, 6 and 8 units. Upon request, fertilizer unit can be attached on the machine as two types, steel or plastic. Fertilizer tanks are in ā€œVā€ shape, have sieves and fertilizer discharge levers for easy cleaning after sowing.

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Pneumatic Seed Drills in Turkey

Pneumatic Seed Drills

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