Powerfarm 110

  1. Powerfarm 110 in Turkey
  2. Powerfarm 110 in Turkey
  3. Powerfarm 110 in Turkey
  4. Powerfarm 110 in Turkey

The force that brings the field to the string! The power of the tractor is understood from the bodywork. The power inside, it hits out of the way. The Powerfarm's engine is both very powerful and has a four-wheel drive. Have you started a work, the mountain comes from the stone string. If it's in the cabinet, it won't. Summer cold, warm in winter. Not to mention fuel savings. Long story short, no one can hold this powerfarm! HORSE POWER 101.8 HP FUEL CAPACITY 121 lt CYLINDER NUMBER / VOLUME 4pcs / 4.400cm3 NUMBER OF GEARS 24 + 12

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  • Authorized Person: Anadolu Landini
  • Product Code: Powerfarm110

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Powerfarm 110 in Turkey

Powerfarm 110

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