Power Harrow

  1. Power Harrow in Turkey
  2. Power Harrow in Turkey

Turkay Power Harrows are PROFESSIONAL MACHINERY, which makes the most successful work in terms of its solid, strong and reliable structures, easy to use and wide range of models that can meet every need, in terms of its contribution to both soil and plant in the tillage and seed bed preparation machines. • Soil blades with deep processing up to 28 cm perpendicular to the soil are processed without mixing the soil with mixer movement, so the soil moisture is preserved and prevents the formation of base stones. • Thanks to the roller behind the machine, it presses the treated soil to keep the soil in the dough. • It provides the ideal granular structure in terms of water and air permeability in soil. • Prepares optimum seed bed conditions for germination and development and provides an increase in plant yield and economic value after a successful field exit. • Provides great convenience to work with high productivity with different work width options up to 4 meters. • Optional equipment with hydraulic attachment can be connected to the tail shaft at the rear of the machine-specific transmission; In this way, doing more than one job at a time saves time and fuel while reducing field traffic. • Thanks to the safety system shaft used in the machine, any malfunction in the tractor or machine is prevented if the machine is installed on the stone. All machines are equipped with heavy rollers. (Ø 480 mm and Ø 560 mm). There is also a pipe roll model. (Ø 500mm) Hydraulic attachment is optional.

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Power Harrow in Turkey

Power Harrow

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