TARSA Softness 69 %

Product Code: Cow-Mats-01

KRAIBURG is the world’s top quality 10-year guaranteed cow mats that directly affect the milk yield and animal comfort, while increasing the bedtime of the animals with soft, comfortable and functional cow bed varieties for dairy cows.

KRAIBURG functional animal and cow mats which are recommended for highly productive dairy cattle have been manufactured in different models, types and sizes according to their stretch rates, thicknesses, characteristics and animal species and have been tested by the German Agricultural Association DLG.

- The comfort zone laying cow mats with its gentle “hilly landscape“ in the tarsal zone,
- Air cushioned structure made of ball shaped segments and additional shock absorption through its blade profile
- Gently holds litter like many small liter barriers.
- Poly-T bars engages flush with the surface and the counter sinks on the mat’s edge.
- Sealing lips completely enclose the sub -construction ensure and prevent the lower mat from dust, humidity and dirt.
- Eudermic grooved surface top profile with integrated slope to rear edge ensures drying off.