Vertical Standard Milk Cooling Tank

Product Code: MilkCooling-005

AISI 304 quality stainless steel
The 1st floor has a base of 2 mm and a cooler evaporator surface of 0,8 mm Ep type laser welded to the wall.
1st body 1.5 mm
Isolated body 1 mm
The cooling unit and the tank body are mounted on a single frame.
There is 1 25 W 21 d / d gear unit and a stainless steel mixer blade connected to it.
The insulation is 50 mm thick and is insulated with a water-based high-denatured polyurethane foam material that does not contain HCFC.
Product outlet DN 50 is the male record butterfly valve.
Spring cover is available.
On the lid there is a product entrance with Ø 200 mm cover.
‰ There is manual measuring scale with 3-4 sensitivity ratio.
Design in the form of zero fluid during discharge.
Welded areas are 1st class Argon TIG welder and 1st class smooth polished.
There is an adjustable foot bolt on the feet.
Cooling Group
Fast and freezing freezing according to minimum amount of milk
Minimum amount of gas charge
A 404 gas cooled
Class 2BII
Each tank provides cooling (32 ° C - 38 ° C) to ambient temperatures of 35 ° C and 4 ° C.
Direct cooling system
Certificate of conformity to TSE 13732 standard
Optional 2 l, 4 l, 6 l milking system design
Electric Group
IP 65 Electrical panels with protection class
325lt-500lt 1000lt milk cooling tanks have the possibility to work 220volt-380volt energy ie. 1500lt and 2000lt milk cooling tanks can work with 380 Volt energy.
Heat indicator with digital thermometer
Special design, easy to use tank and electronic control card which can control milk temperature
Phase protection relay
The system is automatically deactivated when the tank cover is opened.
Automatic software mixing program with special software; Once the milk has reached the desired setpoint, the agitator run time can be set at desired intervals. (3 minutes running and 10 minutes stopping)