Potato Planter (Super Automatic - Two Rows)

Product Code: PD262-2

PD260/PD260-2/PD262/PD262- 2 Potato Planter Machines were designed for planting whole
potato seeds in a swift and more professional manner for bigger sized fields. We have 4 different models with / without spring leg and system with / without pesticide.
If the model with pesticide system is preferred, while the planting process, seed are
dressed at the same time, automatically.
4 Different Pots Selection are supplied for the excellent planting.
Plantation is performed automatically without any worker assistance.
Plantation distance on rows can be adjusted by using the gears on the machine.
Planter tines can be adjusted according to suitable plantation depths and seeds are dropped onto the same depth.
With the leg of spring, it does not compress the ground and does not prevent the growth of plants.
The amount of plantation on each row is the same.