Pneumatic Precise Seeder (Two Rows)

Product Code: PM200

PM200 Pneumatic Precise Seeder was designed with two rows for plantation of corns, sunflowers, beans and watermelons.
The planter chromium plates can easily be seen from the top of a tractor during plantation.
The planter chromium plates are very unlikely to pass empty.
Plantation is performed automatically without any worker assistance.
Plantation distances on rows can be adjusted by using the gear-chain mechanism on the machine.
Planter tines can be adjusted according to suitable plantation depths and seeds are dropped on to the same depth.
It operates silently thanks to the new fan system.
The furrows created are at equal distances to each other.
The plastic gasket we use inside of the unit minimizes any damages that might occur due to the friction in the planter chromium plates and suction losses, and it also extends its life.
Ploughshares made of a special heat-treated steel are resistant against wearing.
It is easy to use with a low rate of breakdown.