Rotovator (Mechanical Sliding)

Product Code: RT2100

RT Rotovators were designed to prepare plantation beds in orchards, greenhouses and vines, mixing manure with soil, disintegrate clubs, weeds and stems, and to prepare the soil which is processed with a plough or subsoiler for plantation.
It efficiently disintegrates, ruffles and mixes soil. It is an ideal soil processing and seed bed preparing tool.
It progresses by leveling the processed field thanks to the back cover.
Unlike the accustomed situation, it does not squeeze or excessively press soil. It tears and disintegrates any pressed or clod soil.
It effectively approaches the stocks with its mechanical sliding system and thus ensures the processing of more area minimizing hoeing labor necessary.
The power drive has a safety mechanism (clutch disc) and it prevents the tractor or the machine from being damaged in the case the machine is jammed due to a stone or root.
It performs the work which is normally performed by several equipment. It thus saves fuel, time and investment in equipment.
Its operational efficiency is higher than a plough and thus it decreases cost of soil processing and enables time-saving.