MilkingCloud Herd Management Software

  1. MilkingCloud Herd Management  Software in United States
  2. MilkingCloud Herd Management  Software in United States
  3. MilkingCloud Herd Management  Software in United States

Capture Technology In Herd Management System, the newest technology and the most advanced user experience came together. ProFarm, which is an ambitious outlet in the world, impresses with its web-based access and advanced recording system. Let ProFarm Remind Your Jobs It attracted all the attention thanks to its convenience to the farmers with its daily reminder module. Move your animal records to ProFarm and your electronic assistant will automatically remind you of all your work ...     Don't have difficulty in animal tracking With the increase in the number of animals in the herd in animal husbandry enterprises, it becomes difficult to follow the animals. While a farmer can distinguish and recognize a small number of animals even with only their physical characteristics (color, size, pattern, etc.), this does not seem possible for many animals. Animals Records Easily Followed In today's modern livestock farms, it is almost a necessity to use herd management software for these reasons. Many data are now kept on computers, such as all pedigree information, physical characteristics of animals, their current status in the life cycle (calf, heifer, pregnant etc.).

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MilkingCloud Herd Management  Software in United States

MilkingCloud Herd Management Software

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