Pumpkin Alignment Fork

  1. Pumpkin Alignment Fork in Turkey

Its capacity The pumpkin in an area of 200.000-250.000 M2 per day is pulled from the stem without the need for manpower and turned into a row. Specifications It can be mounted on the front or rear of the tractor. It takes the pumpkins from the stalk and turns them into a queue without the need for manpower. Thanks to the bi-directional lift mounted on the tractor front bumper, the fork is able to press the soil properly. Thanks to the 3rd piece drunk wheel mounted on the alignment fork, the alignment fork goes 4-5 cm above the soil in smooth fields and leaves the weeds in the field and only collects the pumpkins. The tractor is mounted to the front bumper with rear hydraulic arms to ensure a smooth and safe aquaplaning. It can be mounted in front of the tractor or mounted behind the tractor in small fields.

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  • Authorized Person: Mehmet Selçuk
  • Product Code: SS-001

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Pumpkin Alignment Fork in Turkey

Pumpkin Alignment Fork

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