Raschel Bags On Rolls

  1. Raschel Bags On Rolls in Turkey
  2. Raschel Bags On Rolls in Turkey

Raschel bags on rolls are used for packing of vegetables and fruits on automatic filling machines They are made on KARL MAYER knitting machines from polyethylene tapes Our top quality bags come in various colors, sizes and weights They can carry from 1kg to 50 kg . The most popular colors are transparent, white, golden-yellow, orange, red PE sticker labels with customers´ logo may be attached to the bags Size and bag quantity per roll 29 x 37 cm – 3500 bags 32 x 40 cm – 3000 bags 34 x 46 cm – 3000 bags 40 x 50 cm – 2000 bags 43 x 58 cm – 2000 bags 43 x 72 cm – 2000 bags 48 x 72 cm – 1000 bags 50 x 72 cm – 1000 bags 54 x 76 cm – 3500 bags Colors: Transparent, White, Golden, Lemon (Yellow), Red Other colors and sizes can be produced as per customer’s requests.

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Raschel Bags On Rolls in Turkey

Raschel Bags On Rolls

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