Resistograph 500

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It is used to measure the dough elasticity, energy, stability, proving time, the degree of softening It detects the rheological properties of flour to get ideal bakery products. Helps to determine of influence and rates of flour additives Easy to use with ergonomic design, Enough test period to determine the dough rheological properties (45,90,135 min.) Preparing time of round dough and long dough for the test can be controlled from a touch screen and also manually Additional fermentation room to make a test for second different sample simultaneously. It saves user time with 4 fermentation rooms. Touch screen and heating system with PC control. Parallel test opportunity Time controlling from touch screen internal PC and manually. Comply with world standards It doesn’t require a separate computer &screen system, it works compatible with Absograph’s screen and saves the test result, follow the process. With R&D works, dough stretching mechanism movement is designed from down through upside and so negative effect of gravity is removed. The results of Resistograph comparable and equivalent with the Extensograph device. At the of the test following data can be collected; Viscoelasticity Enzyme activity Sprouting Dough stability Development time Degree of softening Elasticity Gluten amount Gluten quality The suitability of flour to bread or other bakery products Principle: Stretching the dough which is prepared with the appropriate amount of water and after some fermentation steps, with a hook and rail until tearing and measuring elasticity and transferring the data to the graphics and getting numerical data.

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Resistograph 500 in Turkey

Resistograph 500

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