Full Automatic Reversible Plough / Light Type

  1. Full Automatic Reversible Plough / Light Type in Turkey

The ABOLLO FULL AUTOMATIC REVERSIBLE PLOUGH / LIGHT TYPE, can be used for the processing of fallow and stubble soils, the crumbling of the soil and the overturning of soil, as well as you can use it to cover soil with the plant and fertilizer residuals. With the option to adjust the hydraulic work width, the working width can be adjusted from the tractor unless getting off. It provides a secure transportation opportunity by narrowing the gap in the road and transportation mode. It provides the possibility of permanent plow in stony fields and soils with vegetable roots. Thanks to the automatic springs, it can easily get rid of the obstacles. With adjustable spring pressure, it can work comfortably even in very heavy soil conditions. It saves time and fuel during the plowing. Protect the leveling in the plowing field. Hydraulic road position and wheel system ensure safe transport on the road (optional).

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

  • Authorized Person: PERVİN KASIMOĞLU
  • Product Code: ReversiblePlough-001

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Full Automatic Reversible Plough / Light Type in Turkey

Full Automatic Reversible Plough / Light Type

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