Rex 70 F

  1. Rex 70 F in Turkey
  2. Rex 70 F in Turkey
  3. Rex 70 F in Turkey
  4. Rex 70 F in Turkey

Unbeatable power! You don't have to be great to be unbeatable. Just be the best in your class. With its turbo intercooler water-cooled engine, hydraulic lifting capacity and maneuverability in confined spaces, Rex is the unrivaled strength of the gardens! HORSE POWER 68 HP FUEL CAPACITY 61,5 lt CYLINDER NUMBER / VOLUME 3 pcs / 3.300 cm3 NUMBER OF GEARS 20 + 20

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  • Authorized Person: Anadolu Landini
  • Product Code: Rex70F

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Rex 70 F in Turkey

Rex 70 F

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