Single Robotic Milking System

  1. Single Robotic Milking System in Turkey
  2. Single Robotic Milking System in Turkey
  3. Single Robotic Milking System in Turkey
  4. Single Robotic Milking System in Turkey

Capacity: 60 Cows/Day 1 pc Robot and 1 pc Support Unit Old / New Generation Robot Compatibility Adapt to Existing or New Barns Low Electricity Consumption Low Water Consumption Service Sledge Emergency Stop Button Vacuum Pump Vacuum Balance Controller Screw Compressor Complete Stainless Steel Cabin Right or Left Operating Direction Cabin Interior Separation Straight or Side Entry Gate Twin Exit Gate Electric Animal Nudging Anti-Shock Automatic Feeding System in Cabin 2 Types of Feed Input 3. Solid Feed Input Integration Liquid Feed Integration Electric Robot Arm Silent Operation High Operation Speed Laser Udder Detection and Heading 3D Camera Automatic Udder Cleaning Brushes Reversible Brushes Head and Udder Cleaning at Each Milking Robotic Arm Against Kicks Vacuum and Milk Flow Sensors Robot Interface Display Screen 12ยดยด Touch Screen HMI Manual Robot Arm Control Cow Retention Manual Feeding Separating Cow Separating Milk Releasing Cow Pulse Graph for Each Quarter Milk Flow Graph for Each Quarter Heading Status for Each Quarte Milking and Visiting Data System Cleaning Data Merlin View Software Cleaning Performance Graphics of Robots

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  • Authorized Person: Siraç Sezer
  • Product Code: RoboticMilkingSystem-001

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Single Robotic Milking System in Turkey

Single Robotic Milking System

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