Inter Row Rotary Cultimator

  1. Inter Row Rotary Cultimator in Turkey
  2. Inter Row Rotary Cultimator in Turkey
  3. Inter Row Rotary Cultimator in Turkey

The milling machine with milling line is used to remove the weeds from the rows of plants (eg corn, beet, sunflower, cotton, potato, tomato, pepper, etc.) without damaging the plant parts, thus allowing the plants to get enough nutrients and water from the soil. The machine is environmentally friendly. The units can be adjusted on the frame to adjust the row spacing. The depth of machining is provided by 2 wheels that are mounted on the chassis and can be moved. The working width of the units can be different widths depending on the product and plant range. Optional; Thanks to the manure box and the furrowing device, the manure which is disposed together with the hoeing process is mixed homogeneously with the soil and this mixture is stacked towards the root of the plant and it provides high benefit from the plant fertilizer by throat filling process.

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  • Authorized Person: Bilgin Türkay
  • Product Code: RotaryCultimator-001

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Inter Row Rotary Cultimator in Turkey

Inter Row Rotary Cultimator

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