Rotary Disc Mower

  1. Rotary Disc Mower in Turkey

The plant juice is collected from stem with the help of discs. The crop is harvested gently and neatly. The crop processed in the rotary disc is spread on the land bunchily as lines and groups. The drying of the top and bottom levels happen at the same amount of time with the help of air stream occurring because of these bunchy lines. The mowing unit is aligned with the tractor by rotating 90° vertically, so village alleys and bridge passes can be done easily. Helical plate rubber rollers are developed for mowing clover and crop with brittle stems. Rollers harmonize with each other perfectly and run without any vibration. Waxy layer is blown fully by means of the rollers. By this means, the drying time of leaf and stem are equalized.

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Rotary Disc Mower in Turkey

Rotary Disc Mower

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