Rotary (Carousel) Milking Systems

  1. Rotary (Carousel) Milking Systems in Turkey
  2. Rotary (Carousel) Milking Systems in Turkey
  3. Rotary (Carousel) Milking Systems in Turkey
  4. Rotary (Carousel) Milking Systems in Turkey

Advantages: • Design options suitable for large herds (Sizes: 28,32,36,40,44,50,60,72,80 Stalls) • Rapid milking for large groups • Animal traffic management (entry-exit, placement, allocation) • Quick and easy installation • Long life use. Robust design–heavy duty, galvanised or stainless steel stalling • Easy to clean Inward sloping platform • Low running costs due to long life and low maintenance requirement • Maximum safety, operator and animal friendly environment to help attract and retain best team • Ability to personalise the rotation speed and direction Herd Management: Full integration with Crystal herd management • Enables you to automate milking, feeding, weighing and separating your herd and provides early identification of health issues. (Observe→Analyse→Control→Report) Optional Features: Feeding or non-feeding, automatic teat sprayer, separation gate, weighing system, milk hose support arm, many extra features.

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  • Authorized Person: Siraç Sezer
  • Product Code: RotaryMilking Systems-001

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Rotary (Carousel) Milking Systems in Turkey

Rotary (Carousel) Milking Systems

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