Rotary Tedder

  1. Rotary Tedder in Turkey
  2. Rotary Tedder in Turkey

Turkay Rotary Tedder machine distributes the cut forage crops and ensures that it dries quickly without losing its nutritional value; thus, the forage plant is removed from the field in a short time, allowing more harvest during the year. From time and labor with high work width; low power requirement also saves fuel. It has high maneuverability wheels. Due to the simple structure of the machine, maintenance and repair is very easy. Thanks to the hydraulic folding system, it is easily moved to the road position; thus, the overall length of the machine is minimized by being folded as appropriate for safe transport. The machine width is less than 3.m.

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  • Authorized Person: Bilgin Türkay
  • Product Code: RotaryTedder-001

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Rotary Tedder in Turkey

Rotary Tedder

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