Rubber Cow Mats Cow Comfort Mats

  1. Rubber Cow Mats Cow Comfort Mats in China
  2. Rubber Cow Mats Cow Comfort Mats in China
  3. Rubber Cow Mats Cow Comfort Mats in China

New rising rubber has specialized in the design and manufacture of rubber cow mats for more than10 years. Our agriculture comfort rubber cow mats could bring various benefits in farms such as providing the solutions to improve dairy cattle comfort and preventing injuries risks. The good grip surface can keep your cows comfortable no matter where they are walking on. Dimension Product Code:RC5202 Available Thickness:5/8-1" Available Widths:4ft, 5ft, 6ft Length:Any length according to farm needs Features Insulation The rubber mats are thermal insulator which help cows retain body heat and boost circulation which helps to keep health of dairy cows. Slip Resistant Good grip surface on cow mats increase friction and provide foothold while standing and sitting which can protect cows from any possible injury in slipping or falling. Easy To Clean Rubber does not absorb liquids,the mats are easy to wash or clean. The bottom has drain channel which discharges sewage to keep dry and prevents bacterial growth. Offer Comfort High quality rubber made to sustain loads and keep its cushioning, providing soft and flexible surface for cows which could provide cows comfortable feeling. Application Walkways, milking parlors, holding areas, alleyways,corridor.

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  • Authorized Person: Sue Zhang
  • Product Code: RC5202

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Rubber Cow Mats Cow Comfort Mats in China

Rubber Cow Mats Cow Comfort Mats

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