Rubber Cow Mattress Cow Sleeping Bed

  1. Rubber Cow Mattress Cow Sleeping Bed in China

Many researches and studies have shown that comfortable environment encourages lying time for improved nutrient utilization and milk yield.Our cow mattresses offer superior comfort, while helping to reduce injuries. The EVA foam mat at the bottom ensure Soft, Warm & Comfortable bedding for Dairy cows. The top layer of the mattress is made of eco friendly rubber for long service life. For the farmers it provides convenience in terms of cost, labour and drainage efficiency by keeping the mat dry. Thus, our products limit the growth of pathogens and ultimately help in maintaining the health of the cows. Dimension Product Code:RC5201 Available Thickness:35-40mm Available Widths:1.8-2m Length:Any length according to farm needs Features Protect and comfort the cows The embossed surface comfort underfoot for livestock, which can also decrease pressure on teats, reduce the incidences of mastitis, protect knee and hoof, reduce medical spending on injuries. Protect your Cows from the hard,wet and cold floor with the comfortable cow mats. Improve milk yield The rubber mats can help cows retain body heat and boost circulation, which can improve milk production. Cut bedding costs and improve environment The rubber mattress can replace bedding materials and reduce bedding cost. Rubber mats do not absorb liquid which makes daily cleaning and maintenance easier. Mats restrain dust rising and disinfect bacteria to create more sanitary conditions. Install over any existing surface Cow Mattress could be used over concrete and natural soil. Application cowshed, cow bed, stable.

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  • Authorized Person: Sue Zhang
  • Product Code: RC5201

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Rubber Cow Mattress Cow Sleeping Bed in China

Rubber Cow Mattress Cow Sleeping Bed

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