Scarlet Spur Apple Seed

  1. Scarlet Spur Apple Seed in Turkey

Scarlet Spur   The tree develops half-strength. It is a very efficient variety. Fruits are large and cone shaped. Shell color is dark red, fruit meat is sweet, juicy, hard and delicious variety. At the end of August the color turns red. Especially in areas with color problems, this type is preferred due to easy coloring. It is harvested in mid-September and in the first week of October. Granny Smith, Golden Delicious varieties are used as pollinators. This type is preferred over semi-dwarf (MM.106) and classic rootstocks. It is good that these rootstocks hold on to the soil, do not ask for support, but support is provided when it is desired to dive and draw against the hail.

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Scarlet Spur Apple Seed in Turkey

Scarlet Spur Apple Seed

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