Split Case Centrifugal Pump

  1. Split Case Centrifugal Pump in Turkey

Design and Technical Specifications • Suction and discharge flanges are on the same axis at the bottom casing. • Split case design permits easy disassembly of the rotor group for maintenance or repair without distorting pump alignment and suction and discharge piping. • Impeller is double suction. • This feature increases pump suction performance in addition it provides the balance of hydraulic axial forces. • Flanges are conforming to ISO 7005-2 / PN 16 or PN 25. • All impellers are balanced statically and dynamically according to ISO 1940 class 6.3. • Sealing is provided by gland packing, also it can be mechanical seal according to customer request. Usage places • Drain • Circulation • Treatment Plants • Agricultural Irrigation • Power Stations • Industrial Plants • Water Distribution Facilities • Fire Extinguishing Systems Technical information • Capacity : up to 3000m³/h • Head : 180 m • Speed : up to 2900 rpm - (60Hz)* • Operating Temperature : -10 °C’ to +140 °C • Casing Pressure (Pmax) : 16 bar (25 bar) *

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  • Authorized Person: Muzaffer Ferahkaya
  • Product Code: SCE Series

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Split Case Centrifugal Pump in Turkey

Split Case Centrifugal Pump

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