Falcon R10 (700 m2) Open Area Sculpture

  1. Falcon R10 (700 m2) Open Area Sculpture in Turkey

FALCON R 10 (700 M2) OPEN AREA SCULPTURE Solar Powered Ultrasonic Reptile and Rodent Repellent All Reptiles Snake-mouse-cutworm-Scorpio-Silo Sonic Ultrasonic Vibration Solar powered ultrasonic snake repellent is the latest version product.The product structure and product technology are different from the similar ones, the panel on the product is a high efficient mono crystal panel. The product is also extremely effective on centipedes, scorpions, danaburnu, and mice, except for reptiles  Features;  • Working with solar energy, removes mole, field mouse, lizard, and frogs with ultrasonic sounds and vibration. • Every 30 seconds with the effect of ultrasonic wave and special software, it emits vibration-reinforced ultrasonic sound at different moments and it is effective within 500 m2 area. • An entire area can be protected by using one piece every 25 meters without obstruction. • It can work for 150 hours as a full charge with solar energy, so that it is stored in the days without sunshine during the winter days thanks to the internal batteries for the daytime charging. • Produces high frequency sound and vibration between 400-1000 hertz with Nicad battery • Must be used in hard soil. • 5 cm of aluminum pipe should remain on the soil. • On a 30 cm high aluminum pipe, there is a 16 cm diameter solar energy unit.

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  • Authorized Person: Falcon Teknoloji
  • Product Code: Sculpture-001

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Falcon R10 (700 m2) Open Area Sculpture in Turkey

Falcon R10 (700 m2) Open Area Sculpture

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