Seamagic Seaweed Fertilizer

  1. Seamagic Seaweed Fertilizer in Turkey

SEAMAGIC SEAWEED FERTILIZER SeaMagic has plant regulating and soil conditioning effects. It contains almost all primary and secondary nutrients and trace elements. In particular, it increases the resistance of the plant and accelerates its growth. The plant's resistance to diseases and harmful insects increases. Chlorophyll level increases and the plant provides more photosynthesis. Usage Dose Spray Application 250-300 ml (100 liter water) Drip irrigation : 0,5 - 1 Liter #seamagic #seaweed #biogreen #fertilizer

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  • Authorized Person: Cihangir Arslan
  • Product Code: SEAWEED

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Seamagic Seaweed Fertilizer in Turkey

Seamagic Seaweed Fertilizer

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