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Domak Electro Pump SLGM-650 (7,5-10-15) HP supply
Indoor F1 Hybrid Vegetable Seed - Vizyon F1 supply
Indoor F1 Hybrid Vegetable Seed - Polaris F1 supply
Pulsator For All Milking Machines supply
Double Disc Hydraulic Horizontal Mixer supply
Potato Planter (Super Automatic - Two Rows) supply
Potato Harvester (Two Rows-Half Pallet) supply
Potato Harvester (Two Rows - Half Pallet - Long Shift Unit) supply
Rotovator (Mechanical Sliding) supply
Hoeing Machine (Fertilizing - Three Rows) supply
Tandem Disc Harrow (Mounted Type) supply
Pneumatic Precise Seeder (Two Rows) supply
Harrow (Single / Double) supply
Potato Harvester (Two Rows - With Shaker) supply
Tapered Silos supply
Flat Based Silos supply
Feed Silos supply
Cow Mobile Milking Machines - Pls1 supply
 Soil Deep Fertilizing Machine With Screw supply
Sheep And Goat Mobile Milking Machine - Pls Series supply
Container Type Fodder Machine supply
Stable Type Fodder Machine supply
BEREKET Series supply
BCL141 Soil Cultivator supply
Single Stage Hot Oil Centrifugal Pump supply
In-Line Anchor Machine Gearbox supply
Ozduman Flat Hose supply
Low Pressure Snail Pump supply
Higro Amin L Compost supply
Katif Dripper 8,40 lt/h  100 Piece supply
Orvin K+ Pure Compost supply
FMY Ø32-Ø100 Magnetic Padded Pneumatic Air Cylinder (ISO 15552) supply
Halis Cattle Feed Forage supply
AG series - E7 15060006 EMC | Tractor Air Conditioning System supply
HMK 102B Alpha | Hidromek supply
Aragon Disc Tiller supply
 inteTotal Besi Cattle Forage supply
Grain Storage Silos supply
AnkaTecnica SLS 900 Fertilizer Spreader supply
Telescopic Air Mibzer supply
Air Blast Sprayer supply
Custom Type Fodder Machine supply
Leafy Green System supply
Agritom Greenhouse System supply
Ozonetechnic – Ozone Systems supply
Ledarium Led Lighting Systems supply
Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA) supply
Castor Oil Cake supply
Neem Oil Cake supply
Plastic Air Release Valve supply
Brass Ball Valve supply
Laser Spray /Rain pipe supply
Driptech - Laser Drip supply
40 Lts Stainless Steel Carriage Bucket With Ss Locked Lid supply
30 Lts Stainless Steel Bucket With Ss Locked Lid supply
Basic Mounted Sprayer supply
Collector Harvestor Treshing Machine supply
Xerion 5000-4000 Tractor supply
Profile Chassis Plough supply
Machine Spare Part  supply

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