1. Torun in Turkey

UNIVERSAL COMBINE CEREAL SEEDER WITH GEARBOX •UNIVERSAL COMBINE CEREAL SEEDER WITH GEARBOX can sow all of grains, soy, canola, Alfalfa and etc. forage crops. Adjustable sowing norm. Strong structure. •With springly chisel foots is able to sow in 3 sequential line. Before sow is possible to adjust amount of seeds. Marking unit is available. The pressure adjust of sowing foots could be adjustable separate. Able to sow at flat and sloping terrain. •Easy to modify, strong and useful machine. •With the same sensitivity can sow on every kind of terrain. •Sowing foots is designed to apply same pressure to the soil on every height. Due to possibility to obtain a one uniform sowing desing. •Springly foots is creating a 3 rows spaced lines. Is possible to adjust a pressure of springly foots and sowing depth. •With the deep adjust mechanism is possible to sow to surface and to depth. •Because the seeds is falling to the same depth distance is providing a simultaneous germination. •Distance between sowing rows is 12cm. •Through the continuously variable transmission is possible precision and easy to adjust the sowing norm. The transmission is working silent. •Backside covers is springly. (Spring type) •Hydraulic and electric stimulant marking system is available. •Machine with high working efficiency. •It could be produced with and without fertilizer.

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  • Authorized Person: Fatih Durgut
  • Product Code: SeedDrill-01

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Torun in Turkey


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