SK-HM Seed Drill

  1. SK-HM Seed Drill in Turkey
  2. SK-HM Seed Drill in Turkey
  3. SK-HM Seed Drill in Turkey
  4. SK-HM Seed Drill in Turkey

Grains like Wheat, barley, oats, rye, etc: Lentils, legumes such as chickpeas: Alfalfa, canola etc.: small type seeds could be sowing. Usable at all tractor and soil conditions. Sowing feet optionally with single disc, double disc, and chisel feet. It could using as a hanging type and tractor trailed type. The seeds is and fertilizer is continuously leaving to desirable depth and in desirable quantity. Isn’t obstruct and do not lake. Optionally sowing foots automatic and hydraulic (with lift) adjustable type could be produced. Disc sheets is made of special steel material and is with double roller bearing. Is produced from quality materials. Easy to use, adjustment is simple and is long lasing one machine. Sowing (discs) distance could be makes could be 14.2 or 12.5cm. According the soil conditions is possible to mounting a different type of tires. The shooter rolls of seeds and fertilizer is made of aluminium. Lower craw is spring bargain. is easy to unload the seeds and fertilizer. The norm degree arm beds of seeds and fertilizer is wıth roller. Don’t’ make a space. The seed and fertilizer hopper covers is separate each to other. Because the severally covers is opening separatelly is providing a easyness while filling. İs prevent to mixing seeds with fertilizer each to other. Its painting with owen painting system. Due to color and metal surfaces resistance has been boosted. Our grain seed drill is producing under TS5690 standards and is owning a ``CE``certificate.

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  • Authorized Person: Fatih Durgut
  • Product Code: SeedDrill-023

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SK-HM Seed Drill in Turkey

SK-HM Seed Drill

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