32-Eyed Seedling Mold

  1. 32-Eyed Seedling Mold in Turkey

32 seedlings have flexible properties and are unbreakable. Vegetable seedlings and flower seedlings are grown with 32-well viola. 32-eyed seedling violet, especially strawberry seedlings and tomato seedlings are preferred for the product group. Seedlings that come to the appropriate rooting level for sowing are easily transported to the area to be planted with 32 cello. After the seedlings are planted in the soil, the discharged vials are cleaned and applied for reuse. Packets of 32-well seedlings are sold in 100 pieces. Other than the 32-eyed seedling viola, there are 24 varieties of seedling viola, 28-well viola, 45-liches, 70-welled seedling vials, 77-eyed viol, 85-viol viol, and 104-well seedlings.

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32-Eyed Seedling Mold in Turkey

32-Eyed Seedling Mold

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