Self Propelled Atteched Reaper Machine

  1. Self Propelled Atteched Reaper Machine in India

Reaps The Various Agriculture Crops. Like, Sorghum, Sesame, Mustard, Soyabean. Wheat, Paddy and Other Grains Crop That Height Between 2 ft to 5 ft Work Capacity : 1 Hour / 1.5 Acre Approx. Cutting Width :- 1828 mm Cutting Height :- 3 CM to 5 CM Machine Weight :- 155 Kg Dimensions (mm) :- Length :- 1450, Width :2040, height :630

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  • Authorized Person: Navneet Savaliya
  • Product Code: MDS 41 FRM

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Self Propelled Atteched Reaper Machine in India

Self Propelled Atteched Reaper Machine

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