Self-steering Axle System

  1. Self-steering Axle System in Turkey
  2. Self-steering Axle System in Turkey
  3. Self-steering Axle System in Turkey
  4. Self-steering Axle System in Turkey

The self-steering axle system providing greater manoeuvrability on corners is applied on the rear axle of tandem trailers. The self-steering axle system permits immediate reaction to side thrust when cornering and allows the whole rig to steer through the turn. SSAS is the most economical and troubleless axle systems. The cylinders on this axle are unidirectional. These cylinders are only used to stabilise the rear movements. SSAS contains 2 stabiliser cylinders, 2 shock absorbers, a tie-rod,a joint-rod,a hose and couplings.

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Self-steering Axle System in Turkey

Self-steering Axle System

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