Shading Nets

  1. Shading Nets in Turkey
  2. Shading Nets in Turkey

Knotted mesh fabric in high density polyethylene tape Super-stabilized against UV rays Indispensable when you need to reduce the intensity of sunlight Our nets are available in various screening factors ranging from 50% to 90%. Ideal shading for covering plants in greenhouses and open fields It recreates the natural habitat preferred by plants thus offering ideal growing conditions In open field shading creates the ideal environment for acclimatizing plants that have been cultivated in greenhouses In temperate countries, the nets had a duration from 10 to 20 years Fabric width: from 0.5 meter to 12 meters Boy SeƧenekleri: 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 meters standart lengths on roll Rolled on carton spools or in bales, covered with transparent plastic film

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Shading Nets in Turkey

Shading Nets

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