Silage Round Baller

  1. Silage Round Baller in Turkey

The ABOLLO SILAGE ROUND BALLER moves from the electric motor. And the ready-made silage stuffed with the damper tool in the feed hopper rolls the beet pulp, fruit pulp, alfalfa silage and various green coarse feed crops into rolls and covers them with stretch and cuts the connection with the external environment and provides a longer shelf life of the products. According to the silage baling machine, the roughage dry matter ratio and the particle size, the SRB100 model can roll baler 70-130 kg, SRB500 model 350-600 kg, SRB800 650-1050 kg.

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

  • Authorized Person: PERVİN KASIMOĞLU
  • Product Code: SilageRoundBaller-001

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Silage Round Baller in Turkey

Silage Round Baller

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