Silver Cleaner

  1. Silver Cleaner in Turkey

Spray the nano silver antibacterial spray on the surface of the stems and leaves of the plants so that the plants absorb the silver particles. It can prevent fungi, viruses and bacteria from spreading on the surface, causing stems and leaves to contaminate fungi and rot. After the plant absorbs nano silver, it can kill any pathogens and any buried insect eggs. However, nano silver does not affect mature insects, that is, pollinated insects such as bees and ladybugs are not damaged. Nano silver aqueous solution is used to sterilize the soil with irrigation, which makes the soil more resistant to pathogens. The plant grows stronger, absorbing silver ions in the soil. Experiments have shown that plants using colloidal nanosilver water have a higher growth rate than plants using general antibacterial agents, shorten maturity cycles and produce higher yields.

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Silver Cleaner in Turkey

Silver Cleaner

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