Single Ear Thresher

  1. Single Ear Thresher in Turkey
  2. Single Ear Thresher in Turkey

Single Ear Thresher For single rod threshing. Precise, clean, zero mixture, easy cleaning... Mono Makine Single Ear Thresher is a threshing machinery used in seed production and development. The machine is used for threshing of the plants previously harvested in the laboratory. Mono Makine Single Ear Thresher is used with 220 VAC. Threshing RPM can be adjusted. Threshed materials pass by a plexiglass pipe and their stems and husk parts are taken into a fabric filter, seeds are taken into the cone at the bottom. The machine does not damage the threshed seeds via a special coating used on the vari-drive and concave.

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  • Authorized Person: Tamer Yilmaz
  • Product Code: SingleEarThresher-001

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Single Ear Thresher in Turkey

Single Ear Thresher

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