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Soil micro-organisms play an active role in the many chemical and physical changes that take place in the soil. Soii micro-organism are vital components for soil productivity facilitating recycling plant nutrition elemenls such as nitrogen and carbon. They help break down organic matter that is any how incorporated in the soil and recycle plant nutrients Some bacteria species increase the availability of certain nutrient elements (e.g. phosphorous) Nitrogen tixir>g bacteria transform the elementary nitrogent in the air in the aerial cavities of soil structure into the organic forms that can be utilised by plant roots. Such bacteria that enrich soil productivity and boost plant growth and development are named "biofertilisers" and used for th© production of inoculation agents in crop production Likew>se. some other bacteria produce the substances that boost plant health and enhance plant grovvth such as vitamins and plant grovvth promoting factors. Productivity cl the soils gradually vvorsened because of long term use of intensive agricultural inputs Chemical fertilisers excessively utilised m the crop production caused salimsation and deterioration in the agricultural soils. When considered economically. chemical ferliliser are environmentally damaging to produce and costfy to use let alone ever increasing amounts of application are needed to maintain the productivity of soils and create residual pollutions. Increasing use of chemical fertilisers further vvorsened soil pollution in ali över the v/orld. Chemical residual pollution is now a globallyexperienced problem BEST-DOLL with its rich content of a variety of bacteria scavenge residual and bound salts that cause soil salinisation such as nitrate. phosphate, nitrite and transform them into the forms that can be easify utilised by the plants BEST-DOLL fixes the elementary nitrogen present in soil air cavities in to the organic forms that can be taken up by plants. Some of the bacteria present in the formulation digest harmful chemical residues and metabolise some of the chemicals hence cleaning the soil in vvhich they Irve The bacteria in the formulation synthesise plant growth promoting substances using the organic matter present in the soil for the plant to take up and hence plants give much higheryietds.

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Best Doll in Turkey

Best Doll

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