Slurry Tanker 10 Ton

  1. Slurry Tanker 10 Ton in Turkey

Used via tractor, slurry tankers are produced with 6 ton and 10 ton capacity. They are extremely economical as they don’t require a lorry. We are located in Afyon province and We are at service of farmers all around the world with 27 employees.We are one of the largest manufacturers in Turkey. We have producing farm machinery for 33 years. We have 2 options for slurry tankers as 6 tonnes and 10 tonnes liquid fertilizer spreader tanker . You can sprink your liquid organic manure with our slurry tanker . You will recognize high quality and efficiency. Our liquid fertilizer sprayer tankers is being made of totally Turkish quality metarials and spare parts. 6 tonnes slurry tanker is single axle , 10 tonnes slurry tanker have double axle. Our liquid fertilizer tanker has been designed for severe land and weather conditions. Also we can design our slurry tankers according to your needs such as sprinkler on the top or on the down of tanker, rear soil injectors etc. We are always ready to design our slurry tankers according to your needs.

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Slurry Tanker 10 Ton in Turkey

Slurry Tanker 10 Ton

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