Small Rice Wheat Combine Harvester

  1. Small Rice Wheat Combine Harvester in China
  2. Small Rice Wheat Combine Harvester in China
  3. Small Rice Wheat Combine Harvester in China

It is popular on the market because of its characteristics of mini size, smart operation, easy maintenance, super performance and so on. What it can do? It is designed for harvesting of RICE, WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS ETC... Suitable for SMALL, NARROW, TERRACING LANDS and MUDDY FIELDS, NOT EASILY SINK. Another feature is that even in rainy season with wet crops are easily working, due to the durable selfpriming blower fan and patent triangle caterpillar. Operation Efficiency: 0.05~0.13 hectare/hr Improving overall operational efficiency is the simple and compact structure that contributes to saving both time and labor.

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Small Rice Wheat Combine Harvester in China

Small Rice Wheat Combine Harvester

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